Activity "Continue" outside loop

Hello all,

is there any activity similar to activity “continue” which could be used outside “loop logic”? I am searching for this kind of activity, beccause I need to use it in If logi (into Else part) and
Activity “continue” needs to be used in loop, if I understood it ccorrectly.

Thank you.

Hello Marie,

thanks for asking!
It really depends what are you trying to achieve and how complicated is your IF/ELSE logic. See if maybe the activity Else If will not help you. If you have many If conditions underneath each other and you wish that in certain point the flow will just skip few of the ones below and Continue then I suggest using a Flowchart instead of a Sequence where you can build diagram logic by connecting the block in any way, thus maybe achieving what you need. Instead of If activity, use Flow Decision.
Rest works as expected and it is quite fun to play around with Flowchart (you can find flowchart in activities)
let me know please if that helped :slight_smile:


Hello Roman,

thank you for your response!
Maybe I will try to explain my issue:
It is true that I have If/Else activity. There is a condition - when queue item fullfills certain conditions (for example it is not 0), the bot does some activities. Else bot should go directly to the next queue item (for this part I was thinking I could use something like “continue” activity).

I dont have there many If conditions, so I thought that it could be better to use a kind of way to “continue” in else to the next queue item or would you suggest to use rather Flow Decision as you mentioned?

Thank you!


Maybe I am trying to see more complicated issue than you actually have :wink:

Once the activity If/If Else will execute one of the branches (one of the conditions that will be True), the flow of the process will naturally continue with next activities. If there are no other activities (let’s suppose this is in Process.xaml), then next Queue Item will follow …
If you want, you can send me a screenshot or file in DM, I can take a look at it.



what about Break or Continue activity? You can find these activities under the Workflow-Control :slight_smile: