Cannot target the selector

I am making the robot for desktop telegram to reply and send the message, but when i try to target the element for choosing special chat, it seems cannot target anything. I was tried to check the ui explore, everything just showing grouping, what can i do?



Hi there,
seems like the desktop app is anything but robot-friendly .
Have you tried to use the web browser app (if Telegram has any), it may be giving better results.

Also here in this project I found there is some API connection with Telegram possible, explore and see if this maybe will help you in your project:


@roman.hruska right.
The best way is to create a TG bot as all of the dev’s world does.
Using “bot father” and then simple requests and logic(receive messages, answer, filter, ignore some TG IDs, etc.)
But if you want something “like” an autoanswer bot for your account then:
a) Check other windows clients.
b) Work with web version as @roman.hruska mentioned.

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i tried to the wen browser app. its work! Thanks.

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