How to save the file and move to different company's folder respectively?

Hi everyone! I am struggling to get the following done. I have a list of login information to get into a website to download the .csv file a few times per week. Since each of them is from different company, I have to move the downloaded file (which by default is save directly to “C:\Users\system.Name\Downloads”) to the company’s folder respectively.
After downloading all the files of all companies and move them to their respective folder, I have to compare their previous .csv file to current file to compare if they have new transaction occurred.

Any idea guys? The problem I’m facing now is I don’t know how to move the current file to their respective company’s folder.

Thank you for your help in advance!

how about to store the path to the company’s folder within the list of login information ?
(You did not say in what form it is - if it is for example Excel table - you can add new column with the desired path, then once looping through the table by For Each Row In Datatable you can use the information = the path = for activity Move File.

Let me know if that helped or share a bit more info :wink: