"How would you explain UiPath arguments to a 5 year old?"

You may not believe it, but once I got this question on a job interview.

From my experience, when I started learning UiPath principles, I remember how I struggled to understand how arguments in UiPath work.

I would like to challenge you - members of this forum - to try to come with as clear explanation on how arguments work as possible, both for 5 years old ( :smiley: ) and also for anyone reasonably old that is just beginning learning UiPath.

It could be few sentences, a picture, a video, a diagram or something like that. No boundaries.

Also if you know about some good easy tutorial on arguments that you found valuable - please post a link.

PS: I will add my ideas later :stuck_out_tongue:

User input: “Do you want hot chocolate/ cocoa?”

Argument: “Yes!”


If you ask for a sandwich and you name what should I put in it, those are arguments:

“Peanut butter & jelly” for example :slight_smile:

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UiPath argument it is like a box/postbox from which you can get something, give something or get and give at same time :upside_down_face:

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