Introduce yourself

We would like to create a real community! Place where RPA fans can exchange their experience.

Help us all to get you know a little bit better by telling few things about yourself. So…

  • Where are you from?
  • What is your relation to Robotics Process Automation? Your role?
  • What tools are you familiar with? What programming languages you use?
  • What is your level of expertise?
  • What are your expectation from our community?
  • And for fun, share a random fact or two :wink:

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Okay! As a topic starter, I should start by my own!
So I am from Brno, Czech republic and I am an RPA consultant @ RobotICT. Besides RPA development, I take care about this forum and also of our Academy.
I have solid RPA development expertise and I am constantly challenging myself and learning new things.
I did most of my projects in UiPath, however I got my hands on BluePrism too. I used to do web design in past, now I learn python!
As a head of this community, I hope that this will be a space where enthusiastic people that are interested in robotics will meet and that it will give additional value to its users. I wish alive discussions and great topics!
My favorite drink is white wine. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I am Karel and I am from Prague, CZ. I am business analyst at BPM department.
In rpa i am beginner, I made few bots but want learn more.
I hope I can learn new things on this forum.
I am left-handed. :wink: :wink:


Hello, my name is Katka and I am student of FIIT STU in Bratislava, recently found out about RPA technology so I am here to study and meet likeminded people. Looking forward!


Hi, I’m Vladko,
I am from Český Těšín and I try RPA in my free time. I don’t work now with RPA. I work in web design for 3 years. I am here mainly for connections with people.


Hello, I’m Johannes. I’m since 2008 in the Czech Republic but originally from the Netherlands. I’m a beginner if it comes to actually building robots, but have been in the process automation industry for over 20 years.

I would love to do some challanges and learn a thing or 2

I have no fun facts yet, maybe later :slight_smile:


My name is Marcus, and I am from Belgium.
I worked all my life in banking payments processing and since we also have UiPath robots here helping us with the work, I want to also know more about this. So as a beginner, I went through the RPA Academy and I am trying to work on my processes to automate them.
My expectations are to see some examples and real use cases.


Hello everyone,

My name is Jane and I am new here :slight_smile:

Why I came in - I am from Slovakia and I am interested in learning tech things - I am pretty curious about everything from mechanics, to programming, networks and anything between that.

My “problem” is that I just scratched the surface in everything and I really wish to be more skilled and maybe finally decide what I would like to proceed with as my career perhaps :slight_smile:

I mostly came for the exciting challenges that my friend mentioned are posted here regularly!

Looking forward!


Hello there,

my name is Lukas, and I am from CZ - Prague.

I have been working on different automation topics since I left school, dealing with multiple technologies from multiple vendors (Microsoft, BMC, HP, Automic, and few opensource, including UIPath :-)) and participating on projects delivery on both developer & architect position. I think RPA is an interesting technology and certainly has its place.
In terms of languages - I prefer Python, but know PHP, bash, zsh, Powershell, HTML/CSS, a bit of .NET & JS.
I’d love to participate on some of the challenges, learn something new, share some useful tips.


Hi there,
My name is Jan, I come from the Czech Republic.
I’ve been interested in the RPA for several years, currently I work as RPA Consultant in our company. Last two years I’ve contributed largely to complete 12+ RPA smaller projects using the UiPath.
I’m looking forward to learning something new and to meeting likeminded guys and ladies :slight_smile:
I’m right-handed and keen on music (actively), cooking and photography.