More than dynamic selector... is it possible?

Hello, I am working on the task, where I am indicating multiple elements (click/get text activity)

And I am changing the selector generated automatically by activity - to make it more variable - and I instead want to use tag aaname

I wonder if there is some nice way, workaround maybe, that would help to change selector in batch, or set upfront which tags will be selected?

As in picture there is automatic selector in which I would like to exchange those two yellow parts, and ideally, not have to do this manually for 10 elements :slight_smile:


I understand what you are trying to achieve, however, this is not yet possible.

Sadly, you have to go field by field, enter UI Explorer, and adjust the selectors one by one. :frowning:

If you would know in advance all "aaname"s, you could create an array of them and loop through them, storing Outputs in another array (or list, dictionary…).

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Thank you! That is actually an interesting idea, let me try that in my script :))

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