RPA Academy @ Robot ICT

Dear members,

I would like to invite you to our RPA Academy courses!

All the important info to be found here: https://bit.ly/rictacademy

Let me sum up what courses we currently have:

RPA Awareness

Ideal course for those that want get some basic idea about RPA technology. Great starting point, if you want to start diving into RPA.

RPA Foundation

This course offers 4 days intensive training after which you will be able to create your first robots. It will give you all the fundamental knowledge of how to create a robot in UiPath platform.
Me myself or my colleague @jarmila.burianova will teach you all the needed fundamentals.
This course covers topics such as: UiPath suite intro, Variables data types, Selectors, Control Flow, Data manipulation, Excel & Data tables, Debugging, Error handling.

RPA Advanced

Advanced course follows the Foundation course. In 4 days we will go deep into topics as: Advanced selectors, Fuzzy selectors, OCR & Computer vision, Orchestrator in the details (deployment, management, monitoring), RPA Tools, Advanced REFramework, Development lifecycle.

The courses are held online (during covid) or live (after covid).

If you have any questions regarding this courses, here is a topic to ask!