✓ RPA Challenge 17 - Files uploading robot

imageHey! Here is the new RPA Challenge!

This time your goal will be to create a simple robot that helps with uploading (big) files, that you want to send to someone.
Challenge difficulty: easy.

Goal of the Challenge

Create a robot that will:

  1. take path to folder as an input
  2. upload all files to a file sharing service (such as https://easyupload.io/)
  3. sends the link to download the files to your email

Use any tool (UiPath, BluePrism, Python, …)

How to participate?

When you are happy with your robot:

  • send .xaml (or another source) file as a private message directly to me (click my profile picture → Message)

First three correct, original solvers earn 3 robopoints, next get 1 robopoint.
I will hold a leaderboard with your score and update it. Those on top positions will be badged by a special challenger badge :slight_smile:

The challenge deadline is 11. 7. by the end of the day. You can still submit your projects after the deadline but you cannot earn robopoints. A new challenge is published every week or 2 weeks so don’t worry if you did not catch this one. Keep in mind, your submitted files may be published after the deadline so others can learn from solutions. :slight_smile:

PS: Are you having specific trouble with your other projects? Do not hesitate to Ask in our Ask category!


It seems like everyone is on holidays!
Let’s give you one week more to solve this challenge!

Hello! So, now, finally we can close this challenge!

I am happy to see a new user on the forum going straight to solve the first challenge! Welcome @dongovor and thank you for submitting your code in UiPath! It works great so + 3 robopoints for you - well deserved!

:white_check_mark: Great solution by @dongovor: 17_dongovor.zip (41.6 KB)

Keep trying!

Even the deadline is over, keep trying and use this to practice your automation skills!

Leaderboard updated here!