RPA Fridays #3 - Email trigger and data extraction (step by step)

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RPA_Fridays_03.zip (39.2 KB)


Watch here.

Step by step


image This is infinite loop that fires fetchMails.xaml every 10 seconds.


image Assign | Input fields - array to store input fields names. Used later to loop through and perform regular expressions matches: new String(){“Timestamp”, “ID”, “Type”, “Brand”, “Problem”, “Severity”, “Comment”}
image Get Outlook Mail Messages - make sure to check the Inbox name match your inbox name in Outlook. OnlyUnread checked. Returns inboxMessages
image :arrow_down_small: For each | mail
image If | subject contains “problem” - we are looking only for emails with “problem” in subject
image :arrow_down_small: :arrow_down_small: For Each | input fields - loop through array of input fields
image Matches - regex for: field+" ?: ?(.)"*
image If | field was found
image TRUE: Field found sequence - Logs what was found and assign the field to inputsDictionary for later processing
image FALSE: Field not found sequence - sets boolean someFieldMissing to True
:arrow_up_small: :arrow_up_small: END OF FOR EACH
image If some field is missing - send Outlook Message that informs sender that some field couldn’t be recognized.
image Move Outlook Mail Message - moves the message to folder “Extracted”
:arrow_up_small: END OF FIRST FOR EACH