RPA Fridays #7 - Using the power of Google Vision in UiPath (5 examples)

Come and explore how RPA bot can easily detect handwritten text. Or detect certain objects in an image. Google Cloud services offer really wide possibilities when it comes to complex automation. Check source codes for integration for Google Vision technologies on 5 examples.

Download source code: SolutionProjectGoogleVision.zip (6.1 MB)

Example 1 - Detect Handwritten text

  • this example takes feedback forms and extracts handwritten text from them

Example 2 - Safe search

  • Takes pictures from folder “safe_search” and rates it for Adult, Medical, Racy and Violent.

Example 3 - Landmarks

  • Detects Landmarks on the picture.

Example 4 - Image labels

  • Input image, retrieves labels (what is on the image) with confidence.

Example 5 - Face recognition

  • turns on camera and returns Joy, Anger, Surprised, Angry as detected :slight_smile:
    You have to kill this robot to end it.

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