RPA tool for MAC OS

I just started with RPA taking the UI Path academy course… and what a surprise - UI Path Studio (Blue Prism and Automation Anywhere as well) are only for Windows :slight_smile: I will install Windows using Parallels of course, but is there any nice tool for Mac OS as well? I found T-plan and will try it. Do you have any other recommendation?
Thank you :slight_smile:

Hello @AgataMilanov ! Welcome on the Forum!
I would love to be helpful here, but I am afraid I don’t have good news for you. I am unaware of any tool for MacOSx that would be similar to UiPath/BluePrism

Even UiPath itself suggests using double operation systems or some other hacks (hard to say how reliable)

But from my research, there are many ways how to tackle web automation on any OS. Depending of what your use case is.
Maybe UI.Vision can be a bit of a help, although I do not have any experience with it. There is some Desktop package, but I have a feeling it works only as Image automation? Maybe you can do your research.

For also desktop automation… I recently came across Robocorp here, which should be cross-platform. However, even it is a low-code solution, it does not have the UI as UiPath. On other hand - this is open-source and it has great documentation, tutorials and examples.

I read that there should be a tool called Automator:

But I do not have any experience with it, as I am not a mac user.

Most of the RPA world, as most of the software that is automated, runs on Windows.
Btw, small tip. You can get Win10 for free these days :wink:

I hope this helped you, let me know with what you ended up :wink:

Parallels are not the best choice. UiPath/BluePrism/AA/etc. won’t work correctly through it.
Better use virtualization(Virtual Box for example), so you’ll have a “native” Windows environment.
But for Mac OS, I’ve preferred Robocorp or TagUI. Both are cross-platform(Windows/Linux/Mac OS) and user-friendly and there is a lot of information on the internet and on their sites(guides, videos, tutorials, courses).
Also it will be a good coding practice (=

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Thank you, guys :slight_smile:

Ehm, I just bought Win 10 Pro :see_no_evil:. Parallels some years ago. At least I will try it and refer back. Before my maternity leave I tried Virtual Box, I don’t remember why, but Parallels worked better for me. Maybe time for another chance :slight_smile:

Robocorp and TagUI sounds nice, I saw Python on both websites :+1:
Thank you very much :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll be waiting for your review)
Three years ago I’ve tried to use UiPath through the Parallels and it ended up with VirtualBox installation or using RDP when needed)…
Ofc it’s always possible to install Bootcamp(one of my colleagues working in such a way: MacBook Pro with Bootcamp to develop robots with UiPath/BluePrism).
Btw both open-source solutions (Robocorp/TagUI) are very user-friendly because of keywords usage. But you can always use then with native python)))

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Agata, did you have a chance to try these tools out?
Can you share with us your experience? :slight_smile: