✓ RPA Challenge 32 - Expenses Counter


Hey! New Challenge is here!

Hello and welcome in the next RPA Challenge round!

In this time Robot will help us with a retrospective of the last year in numbers of expenses.

For this task I have prepared an Excel file where you can find expenses of every each month together.
Expenses.xlsx (12.3 KB)

Let’s split them into individual columns, one next to each other, and count total amount of expenses of every month.

For your imaginations – the result should looks like this:

So, what the robot should do?

  • Read the Excel file,

  • sort the expenses by the month,

  • create new Excel sheet with columns

  • write under every each column of expenses total amount from the specific month.

In case you have any additional questions, I could give you more hints.

And one for the beginning is: In UiPath - try to use modern activities, it has a lot of features.

How to participate :question:

  • Send me your code in PM

  • Post here an Excel sheet/screenshot with results

  • You can also left a comment with information how long it took you to create, because it’s quite tricky task.

Looking forward to your solutions :money_with_wings:


Expenses_output.xlsx (8.4 KB)

I think my calculations are correct)
Funny task.
Elapsed: two coffee breaks

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Expenses_output.xlsx (17.7 KB)

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Expenses.xlsx (14.8 KB)
Output on Sheet2.
I arranged it vertically, :smiley:

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Why not horizontally? as shown in the description))

ps: it’s not so hard (=

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Deadline is over :clock1:

Hello, dear participants!
I am very happy I received your solutions. You all chose different approaches and made different codes.
First solution was from @dongovor in Python (+3 robopoints). In UiPath was building a code @nihith (+2 robopoints) and @Keshab (+2 robopints) - you both chose a different approach to view the output file than I wanted, but still work well :muscle:
Great job, everyone!

And here is my approach:
Expenses.zip (13.3 KB)

Keep challenging!

Even the deadline is over, keep trying and use this to practice your automation skills!

Leaderboard updated here!