✓ RPA Challenge 34 - Sum up nutritional data


Hi everybody :wave:

I hope you have a lovely time of upcoming summer :sunny: and even more with your robots :robot: !

Yes - summer is getting closer and closer and although I always say – „do not lose weight to a swimsuit :one_piece_swimsuit:, but build your body for a swimming ring“ let’s take a look at nutritional information in this challenge together.
In terms of input data – it is up to you.

What exactly the robot should do?

  • at this webpage search for a food
  • from the first item found: scrape nutritional information*
  • put them into the excel file
  • collect (by the robot) enough data for next step… (for example 5 kinds of food)
  • create a pie chart with the total values of the nutritional data (from each kind of food summed together – you can have a total values columns next to the food inputs)
    The idea is to have a chart displaying ratio of nutritional data (that you consumed if you eat all that food). :hamburger: :green_salad:

:warning: keep in mind to have all data in the same unit

*earn 2+ bonus points by letting the user choose 1 from the 3 first search results and then proceed to scraping the nutritional data. Something like this:

When you are happy with your robot,

send me your code to PM! :sun_with_face:

I am looking forward to your solutions and wish you good luck! :four_leaf_clover:

The deadline for this challenge is 10.7. at the end of the day. :wink:
First three correct, original solvers earn 3 robopoints, next get 1 robopoint.

You can still submit your projects after the deadline but you cannot earn robopoints. A new challenge is published every 2 weeks so don’t worry if you did not catch this one. Keep in mind, your submitted files may be published after the deadline so others can learn from solutions.

Keep ourselves challenging together :weight_lifting_man:

  • If you have any idea or you are strugling with some part of UiPath/RPA, you can ping me a message with this topic and I will think about it in the next challenge.
    Because what is more than learning by doing?

TIME IS UP! :alarm_clock:

Thank you for all your participation and questions. Unfortunately I have not received any solution from you and leaderboard is still the same.
Here is my sollution of this challenge.
nutritionalData.zip (19.8 KB)

Because it looks like you are enjoying the summer I decided to prepare one bigger challenge for your free time in the summer.
Check the next challenge num.35 :muscle: