✓ RPA Challenge 2 - Travel Expenses

New week - new challenge is here!

This time we will help accountant to count travel expenses for employees!
Good news: Employees are asked to send their travel expenses in an Excel file in standardized format.
The accountant needs to prepare list of employees with total EUR to send them for their travel expenses.

Your task is to build a robot that will help with it!

Employees.xlsx (9.9 KB) → list of employees with their names, IDs and postions
TELs.zip (44.9 KB) → travel expenses lists.

Output file
output_for_accountant.xlsx (9.2 KB)

So, your robot should:

  • go through the travel expenses lists (TELs.zip) and extract the expenses.
  • sum the expenses and for each employee outputs his/hers name, id and sum of expenses to output file.

This is a challenge ideal for beginners.
You will practice Excel activities and data manipulation :slight_smile: .

How to participate

When you are happy with your robot:

  • post output file here
  • send .xaml file as a private message directly to me (click my profile picture → Message)

First three correct, original solvers earn 3 robopoints, next get 1 robopoint.
I will hold a leaderboard with your score and update it. Those on top positions will be badged by a special challenger badge :slight_smile:

Challenge deadline is 28.3. by the end of the day. You can still submit your projects after the deadline but you cannot earn robopoints. New challenge is published every week or 2 weeks so don’t worry if you did not catch this one. Keep in mind, your submitted files may be published after the deadline so others can learn from solutions. :slight_smile:


output_for_accountant.xlsx (9.8 KB)

Here is my output file, sent you solution xaml to PM, Roman!


I guess this should be fine


Very cool and real life scenariochallenge2.zip (58.6 KB)


Time is up! :timer_clock:

Thank you for participation in this RPA Challenge. This time you practiced some data manipulations within tables in Excel.

We had 3 solvers this time! Let’s take a look at your solutions!
Correct solution is:

@anna.hal solved as first and correctly + 3 robopoints
@marcusventry solved the challenge with minor calculation error. When reading the range from each TELs file:
The range is okay (assuming you do not want to work with headers), but AddHeaders must then remain unticked :wink: Employees would not be happy to get paid less. :slight_smile: But for your effort (and because this is just a beginners mistake and I want to encourage you to continue challenging yourself) i give you + 2 robopoints
@pmontez comes with solution coded in Python :cool: ! It is fast and working solution! + 3 robopoints

Here is the UiPath solution: Main.xaml (11.2 KB)

The RPA Challenge 3 - Quarter Travel Expenses has still 1 week to go, so you can give it a try! :slight_smile: It extends this challenge, so it should not be hard for you! :crossed_fingers:

You can keep track of your points here. :robot:

Even now after the deadline, you can always try to solve this solution by yourself and share how you did it, share your results!


Wow, very useful! :exploding_head:


For those who want to learn how to solve this challenge with UiPath, watch my RPA Fridays webinar recording where I am showing LIVE how to code it :slight_smile:

Join me for another RPA Fridays! https://cutt.ly/YT_RPAFridaysFBGroup :robot:

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