✓ RPA Challenge 3 - Quarter Travel Expenses

New week comes with a new RPA challenge!

This challenge follows the previous one. So check RPA Challenge 2 - Travel Expenses to maybe catch some inspiration.
We will again help our poor accountant. She got sick from January till March and now she wants to cover travel expenses of her colleagues for the whole quarter.


We have ZIP of Travel Expenses Lists - this time one employee could send more than one file, for each month he/she traveled.

We have a list of employees that may be used, may be not - it is up to you!

  • Employees.xlsx (9.9 KB) → list of employees with their names, IDs and postions


output_for_accountant.xlsx (9.2 KB)

So, your robot should:

  • go through the travel expenses lists (TELs.zip) and extract the expenses.
  • sum the expenses from all three months (01-03) and for each employee outputs his/hers name, id and sum of expenses to output file.

This is a challenge has medium difficulty.
You have to think about proper way how to store the data on the go.

How to participate

When you are happy with your robot:

  • post output file here
  • send .xaml file as a private message directly to me (click my profile picture → Message)

First three correct, original solvers earn 3 robopoints, next get 1 robopoint.
I will hold a leaderboard with your score and update it. Those on top positions will be badged by a special challenger badge :slight_smile:

Challenge deadline is 4.4. by the end of the day. You can still submit your projects after the deadline but you cannot earn robopoints. New challenge is published every week or 2 weeks so don’t worry if you did not catch this one. Keep in mind, your submitted files may be published after the deadline so others can learn from solutions. :slight_smile:

PS: Do you have an idea for a nice RPA Challenge task? PM me!


Hi Roman,
here is the solution. This was quite hard to put together!
output_for_accountant.xlsx (9.7 KB)
The worklflow in your PM…

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Hi Roman,
Nice challenge again, thanks! I took my python code from the previous challenge, modified 2 lines and we got our result :wink:challenge3.zip (103.8 KB)


I didn’t manage to complete this one, but really like the Friday session you did showing how to build this using the RPA platform. Looking forward for the next sessions where I can see you “low coding”

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Hello Roman,
I know time is soon up, but I managed to finish this one. But I have to say this was tricky adjusting the workflow to updated needs. Xaml in y. PM
output_for_accountant.xlsx (9.8 KB)


Challenge is over! :timer_clock:

Thank you for participation in this RPA Challenge. This time you experienced how to rework your code if the process changes. I was happy to see you solutions!
@karelff sent his solution as first, but missing the employees IDs in the output, the rest is correct so +2 robopoints
@pmontez challenged the task with python again with ease! +3 robopoints
and @radim.dom’s solution was correct and within first 3 (and this time only 3) solvers, so I also give +3 robopoints

Congratulations to all!

I would like to share the solution of radim.dom here:
Main.xaml (13.5 KB)

So we have some changes in Leaderboard!
You can keep track of your points here. :robot:

Even now after the deadline, you can always try to solve this solution by yourself and share how you did it, share your results!