✓ RPA Challenge 8 - Word Chain

Hi everybody!

Here is a new fun challenge for your RPA skills!
This time we will teach our robot to play a word chain game with two letters!
The robot has to perform these steps:

I already trained my robot, so you can get an idea.

Hints :wink:

  • This forum structure uses partially dynamic selectors. Pay attention to it.
  • Data Extraction Wizzard can help you a lot, but again - check the selector!
  • How to reach the last row in DataTable? → dt.Rows(dt.Rows.count-1)
  • How to get the last two letter from a string? → text.Substring(text.Length-2)

How to participate

When you are happy with your robot:

  • have a bot playing word chain in the topic
  • send .xaml (or another source) file as a private message directly to me (click my profile picture → Message)

First three correct, original solvers earn 3 robopoints, next get 1 robopoint.
I will hold a leaderboard with your score and update it. Those on top positions will be badged by a special challenger badge :slight_smile:

The challenge deadline is 9.5. by the end of the day. You can still submit your projects after the deadline but you cannot earn robopoints. A new challenge is published every week or 2 weeks so don’t worry if you did not catch this one. Keep in mind, your submitted files may be published after the deadline so others can learn from solutions. :slight_smile:

PS: Are you having specific trouble with your other projects? Do not hesitate to Ask in our Ask category!

Hey Roman!
I sent my xaml to your inbox and you can check my bot working in the topic!!
I like this challenge!


Hello Roman,
Most difficult challenge so far. I learned a lot about selenium for python on that. Thanks!
challenge8.zip (1.8 KB)


Challenge is over! :watch:

I hope you enjoyed this challenge! We have two participants this time!
@karelff comes with UiPath solution, that works smoothly. +3 robopoints
@pmontez strikes back with Python! Hey! You did a great job! And I am happy you learned new things and you also included logging in into the script. Super cool! +3 robopoints

Solution in UiPath

0801_solution.zip (3.4 MB)

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